Spanish Galleon Shipwreck Timber Recovery

Have you seen MAS in the news this week? We are so excited the word is finally out!

As part of a collaborative effort with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, other local agencies, the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and SEARCH, Inc., timbers believed to be from Oregon’s Spanish Galleon Shipwreck, often referred to as the Beeswax Wreck project, have been recovered from a cave on the northern Oregon Coast near Manzanita. The timbers are likely from the Spanish galleonĀ Santo Cristo de Burgos, last seen when it left the Philippines for Mexico in 1693. The timbers have been moved to the Columbia River Maritime Museum for preservation and further study.

MAS was founded as a non-profit in 2015, in part to provide the ability for project volunteers to seek grants to aid the search for the Beeswax Wreck Project.

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