MAS Member Volunteer Education and Training

MAS offers classroom and online education and training courses for its members.  Whether your interests are in research, remote sensing, or surveys, there is something for everyone. Students may complete the educational requirements without qualifying for a specific job or task.

Education opportunities include online courses that provide a solid understanding of the basic principles of a job qualification or general information on a maritime archaeology topic. Students are provided an online exam to complete the education requirement and graduates are offered a certificate of completion.

Training programs offer hands-on training that allows members to collect archaeological data in the field. Students will use MAS standard operating procedures and will be guided by qualified operators and supervisors to record archaeological data and forward that data to members who will write reports to the states and other authorities. The training programs are free to members, but an education requirement may be required.

See the course descriptions and fees, where applicable, below. Payment options are at the bottom of the page.

MAS Survey team from the viewpoint of our Open ROV.

MAS Basic Qualification (BQ)

Education Program

All members are required to watch the online lessons and take the exam from the training officer in order to participate in MAS field activities. These lessons will provide all members with the basics of what we do and explain our limits under the law. The online lessons include:

  • What is Archaeology?
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Laws and Ethics

Cost: Free for MAS members

Archaeological Survey Technician

Education Program

This course is broken down into seven video lessons that run about three hours in total. The survey methods used are baseline-offset, trilateration, and bearing/range. The online lessons include:

  • Safety Precautions
  • Navigation and Grid Systems
  • Ship Construction and Architecture (2 videos)
  • Search and Survey Methods
  • Photo/Video and GIS
  • Demonstration video that outlines the survey methods

Students can take as long as they want to view the videos and then take an online. Students may use the videos to assist on the exam. The videos will be available after the students complete the course so they can review them before they head out to the field for a survey.

Prerequisite:  Basic Qualification (BQ)
Cost: MAS members $30

Training Program

Graduates of the education program can show their skills as they are guided through a field survey by a Survey Supervisor. They will discuss safety precautions, navigation and grid systems, ship construction and architecture, demonstrate search and survey methods, take photos and videos of the wreck, and discuss how the information will be used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The team will use are baseline-offset, trilateration, and bearing/range survey methods.

Archaeological Survey Supervisor

Education Program

This currently a 1-day classroom course but we are planning to move the education lessons online. The course is designed to build a group of members who can plan and lead an archaeological survey.  Lesson topics include:

  • Research design
  • Project design
  • Reporting requirements
  • Detailed ship construction lesson
  • Search procedures
  • Reconnaissance (Recce) survey
  • Survey procedures
  • Artifact removal (with permit)
  • Artifact conservation

Prerequisites: Basic Qualification (BQ), Archaeological Survey Technician course, participation in MAS surveys as a Survey Tech
Cost: MAS members $30

Training Program

Graduates of the education course can qualify as a Survey Supervisor by conducting a wreck survey under the instruction of a qualified Survey Supervisor. Students choose a specific wreck site (on land or underwater) to investigate.

Archaeological Survey Report Writer

Training Program

This course will help individuals develop the skills to write a formal report to the state archaeologists. This is an individual self-paced course. Students work with a qualified archaeologist to use data from a previously completed survey to develop a report for the state archaeologists. Ideally, the student will write the report based on a survey they completed in the Archaeological Survey Supervisor course.

Prerequisites: Basic Qualification (BQ), Archaeological Survey Technician course, Archaeological Survey Supervisor course
Cost: Free for eligible members

Archaeological Underwater Remote Sensing

Education Program

This online course provides a detailed overview of underwater remote sensing operations. The videos total approximately two and a half hours, and the topics are:

  • Magnetometer Operations
  • Side-Scan Sonar Operations
  • Multi-Bean Sonar Operations

Students can take as long as they want to view the videos and then take an online. Students may use the videos to assist on the exam. The videos will be available after the students complete the course so they can review them before they head out to the field for a survey.

Prerequisite: Basic Qualification (BQ)
Cost: MAS members $30

Training Program

Graduates of the education program can qualify as a Remote Sensor Operators or Remote Sensor Data Analysts under the instruction of a qualified operator.  The students will learn the details of MAS magnetometer, Side-Scan Sonar, and ROV operations.

  • Remote Sensor Operators setup and operate the sensor systems on the boat, ensure the data is recorded, and upload the recorded data to a common database. This training is conducted at sea.
  • Remote Sensor Data Analysts use the uploaded data in various analysis programs to produce images and overlays, and works with the lead archaeologists to review data. This training is conducted ashore.

Historical Researcher

Training Program

The course is designed to train BQ members to become historical researchers. The course is taught in one hour in the CRMM library and describes primary/secondary sources, report requirements, and shipwreck life-cycle (aka site formation processes).

Prerequisite: Basic Qualification (BQ)
Cost: Free for MAS members

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