MAS Member Volunteer Training

MAS offers Basic Training at least once a year at our Annal Meeting as well as additional Advanced Training and Community outreach throughout the year. Whether your interests are in research, remote sensing, or surveys, there is something for everyone.

MAS Survey team from the viewpoint of our Open ROV.

MAS Basic Qualification (BQ)

Three MAS online lessons:

  • What is Archaeology?
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Laws and Ethics

All members should watch the online lessons and take the exam from the training officer. These lessons will provide all members with the basics of what we do and explain our limits under the law.

Cost: Free for MAS members

Archaeological Survey Technician

This is a one-day course. The core of the classroom work in this course is an introduction to survey methods and plotting. Students will practice measuring a section of a shipwreck and plotting the measurements on paper.  Survey methods used are baseline-offset and tri-lateration.

Prerequisite:  Basic Qualification (BQ)
Cost: MAS members $50

Archaeological Survey Supervisor

This 3-day course is designed to build a group of members who can plan and lead an archaeological survey. The training days may not necessarily be consecutive. This course will cover both shore-based and underwater wreck survey procedures. Students choose a specific wreck site (on land or underwater) to investigate.

Day 1 – Classroom training includes:

  1. Research design
  2. Project design
  3. Reporting requirements
  4. Detailed ship construction lesson
  5. Search procedures
  6. Reconnaissance (Recce) survey
  7. Survey procedures
  8. Artifact removal (with permit)
  9. Artifact conservation

Day 2 – Reconnaissance (Recce) Survey

  1. Under the instructor’s guidance, students conduct a recce survey in accordance with research design and project plan
  2. Students use info to plan detailed survey

Day 3 – Detailed Survey

  1. Under the instructor’s guidance, students conduct a detailed survey in accordance with research design and project plan and develop data for survey report.

Prerequisites: Basic Qualification (BQ), Archaeological Survey Technician course
Cost: MAS members $50

Archaeological Survey Report Writer

This course will help individuals develop the skills to write a formal report to the state archaeologists. This is an individual self-paced course. Students work with a qualified archaeologist to use data from a previously completed Recce or detailed survey to develop a report for the state archaeologists. Ideally, the student will write the report based on a survey they completed in the Archaeological Survey Supervisor course.

Prerequisites: Basic Qualification (BQ), Archaeological Survey Technician course, Archaeological Survey Supervisor course
Cost: MAS members $50

Archaeological Underwater Remote Sensor Operator

Course is designed to train remote sensor operators who can record and process remote sensor data. Course length is 2 days, though not necessarily consecutive.

The course includes a one-day lesson on magnetometer, side-scan, and ROV operation including post mission data processing. A one-day boat mission will follow using magnetometer, side-scan, and ROV. Graduates will be required to process the mission data.

Prerequisite: Basic Qualification (BQ)
Cost: MAS members $50

Historical Researcher

The course is designed to train BQ members to become historical researchers. The course is taught in one hour in the library and describes primary/secondary sources, report requirements, and shipwreck life-cycle (aka site formation processes).

Prerequisite: Basic Qualification (BQ)
Cost: Free for MAS members

MAS survey tranining

MAS shipwreck survey training