For Divers

Maritime Archaeological Society Archaeological Divers will complete and sign the MAS Annual Diver Profile, the MAS Diver Release, and the MAS Volunteer Release forms, annually. Some forms require a witness. The forms will be scanned and emailed to Participating divers records will be annotated as complete for the year and they will be allowed to dive in accordance with their certification level and their field training qualifications.

MAS diving regulations:

  • At least 1 topside safety diver will maintain a visual watch of the dive location.
  • All dives will be no decompression, non-penetration dives.
  • All dives are limited to a maximum depth of 100 feet.
  • The dive brief will be read before the first dive.
  • Anyone may abort the dive or the trip if they feel an unsafe condition exists or they no longer wish to continue, without repercussion from fellow divers or other MAS personnel.

The Archaeological Survey Supervisor will prepare the dive plan.


MAS Annual Diver Profile

MAS Diver Release Form

MAS Volunteer Release Form

MAS Dive Brief