Shipwreck Survey Project


The Shipwreck Survey Project was created to examine and record wrecks and abandoned vessels in Oregon and Washington. Read More about past and present projects here.

T.J. Potter


Over a dozen trained MAS volunteers helped survey the remains of a late 19th century side-wheeler steamboat.

Built by Port Captain J.W. Troup of the Oregon Railway & Navigation Company, T.J. Potter was considered the fastest sidewheel steamer in the Pacific NW for its time and weighed 1017 gross tons after a 1901 rebuild (230 feet long, 35 foot beam, and 10 foot 4 inch depth of hold; 32 inch x 96 inch engines). By 1916, the ship was condemned for passenger use and used by construction teams as a barrackā€™s boat until around 1920, when she met her fate in Youngs Bay and was burned down, her metal parts salvaged.


MAS volunteers surveying T.J. Potter in Astoria in the Spring of 2016 as part of the Shipwreck Survey Project.