MAS Operations and Covid-19

Hello MAS Members,

I hope everyone is well. The medical community is indicating that nonessential meetings should be avoided. While many of us enjoy searching for shipwrecks, everyone’s health and safety should come first. Therefore, MAS will take the following precautions:

Effective Immediately:
1. MAS field operations will be suspended.
2. All MAS member training classes are cancelled.
3. Weekly shipwreck research at CRMM has been suspended.

What we will do:
1. Our training coordinator will work to reschedule the member training classes once the situation improves and the training facilities become available.
2. The Survey Supervisors assigned to the field work will plan and coordinate the field operations in order to carry them out when we can get back to work.
3. Individual researchers will work from home or their local area and coordinate with their Points of Contact for their ship/ship type category. If you are interested in doing some research while at home, please send us an email at
4. The MAS board will keep an eye on events and determine when we can bring the different programs back up.

We will keep you informed as we proceed. Thanks for your patience and support.

Chris Dewey
MAS President