Beeswax Wreck Project Team

The Beeswax Wreck Project is a non-profit research project: we do not sell “shares” in the project or seek investors (although tax-deductible donations are always welcome!). We are a group of researchers and local community members dedicated to locating and identifying the wreck.

The wreck is located on Oregon State Parks property, and all associated artifacts and pieces of wreckage are the property of the state of Oregon and may not (and will not) be collected without the proper permits from those state agencies. The Beeswax Wreck Project is not affiliated with Oregon State Parks or the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, but in compliance with state law and Parks policy both agencies are consulted and regularly updated on our research.

You can get involved as well!

The Beeswax Wreck Project Group is made up entirely of volunteers: archaeologists, historians, geologists, divers, curators, students, and community members. For more information, contact or contact Scott Williams directly at

Project Research Team

scottwilliams Scott S. Williams, M.A., is the project’s Principal Investigator and MAS Vice President. Scott is an archaeologist with the Washington State Department of Transportation in Olympia, WA. He will be overseeing the project from the permitting process, through each stage of the project. Please feel free to contact Scott at 360-485-5350 or
chris Christopher Dewey, MAS President and Field Director. Chris has an M.A. in maritime archaeology from the University of West Florida.
Jeff_Groth Jeff Groth, Cartographer with Washington County Oregon, specializing in geographic information systems, which allows us to overlay layers and remote sensor results on maps for analysis.
mitch Mitch Marken is a maritime archaeologist whose dissertation was on Spanish pottery from shipwrecks.

Support Crew and Project Team Members

David Chaffee is a founding member of both Scientific Consultant Services Inc., and the Naga Research Group and is the non-profit’s Liaison with the Beeswax Shipwreck Project.
Carol Chaffee is a practicing attorney and provides legal and archival research for the project.
dave wellman Dave Wellman of D. Wellman Surveying out of Eugene, Oregon has contributed his services in aerial photography, 3D laser scanning, survey grade GPS and other survey techniques.
Jack_dropping_underwater_camera Jack W. Peters is an author, adventurer, GPS specialist, photographer and
SCUBA diver, Jack has been involved in the project since 2005.He is a resident of Springfield, Oregon.
GRAIG Craig Andes. A Garabaldi fisherman, Craig has been collecting information of the “Beeswax Wreck” for years, and brings his maritime skills to the project.
Jess2 Jessica Lally did her Master’s Thesis on ceramics associated with the wreck as a graduate student at Central Washington University
Jennifer Kozik. Jennifer is the project grant writer as well as a general survey and support volunteer.

In Memoriam

rickrogers Richard W. Rogers was the  BWP Project Manager and MAS Board Member.  He coordinated the efforts of a variety of specialists involved in the project and kept us motivated when we felt like giving up the search.
Eb Giesecke, Northwest historian, was the individual most active in researching and advocating for recognition of the Beeswax Wreck at Nehalem Oregon.   His interest in the wreck started as a child on family trips to the Oregon coast, and he began actively investigating the site in the 1950s.  He was an important part of the Beeswax Wreck Project until his passing, and it is much of his original research that continues to drive this project.  His scholarship and companionship are sorely missed by the Project team.  Fair winds and calm seas to you, Eb.
edvdp Ed Von der Porten has been involved in a number of early Spanish shipwreck projects along the west coast. He has led the study of the porcelain and other Asian artifacts that come to light.